CORAL FUNGI(Clavariaceae)

Description: These fungi appear as clumps of branching stems which point upward. They do look much like coral. Most are tan, whitish or yellowish; a few are pinkish or purple.
Also called club fungi, antler mushrooms or doghair mushrooms. Size: clusters may be up to 8 inches high.
When and Where: Summer and fall; in wooded areas, growing on the ground or on decaying logs.
Cautions: A few coral fungi have a laxative effect, and some people seem to be particularly sensitive. Avoid coral fungi that taste bitter, bruise brown when handled or have gelatinous bases. These are most likely to case trouble. No serious poisonings from coral fungi have been reported.
Cooking Hints: Tips and upper branches are most tender. Saute and add to vegetables or white sauce.

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