Mushrooms should be approached carefully and look at it from all sides, then gently tap it on Klobuk, because the sound reveals its age. If the resonant and tense, this is a young, proud mushrooms, and if no sound and after knocking Klobuk indentations remain, the porcini is already at the end of his short life and it is better to leave it in the woods, but after the trash.
After the first check should quietly ask him where his brother, since I rarely mushrooms. It is always close to his younger brother, who is waiting to well hidden mushroom hunter moves away far. There is talk that the teacher asked students Medjimurje having any mushrooms, and he, instead of the classic response to a hat, he replied that there Buddy.
After the mushrooms, turning in a clockwise direction, extracted from the earth, he should examine the interior. It's terrible that it is often not visible from the outside if he was attacked by worms. Worms are not a problem, but they work the holes, so the mushrooms at these locations more vulnerable to decay, which is already dangerous. Of course you will know any good mushroom porcini assess whether excessive "under attack" (because, if the condition is not dangerous, it is to suffer).
There are many stories and beliefs about mushrooms. It is said that when he ceases to see it grow. Of course that's not true, but in practice it happens regularly.Beliefs and Conditions
National is the belief that mushrooms grow when it is raining and really, really roars. And here we should ask, because Japanese, a nation that is the Chinese people probably first began to grow mushrooms, the noise of drums known to stimulate the growth of shiitake and other mushrooms.
Heaps of recipes for preparing the mushrooms. But, getting his real and basic taste? Try mushrooms - raw. Of course, it must be totally young and healthy. Cut it into slices, add sliced ​​peeled a little rough almonds, a few drops of olive oil and aceta balsamica. Salt it and do not forget pepper - mushrooms in all variants adore freshly ground pepper. Once you have tasted raw mushrooms, you can arrange as desired. Porcini like experiments, just as he loves to be eaten with eggs in a classical way Zagorje.
If you are not a mushroom hunt mushrooms in the woods alone, you just remain friends, it is not easy to buy mushrooms at the market. There is no provision kumica ćitaba prohibits the sale. "Every retailer has to mushroom, before exposure for sale, obtain a certificate of mushroom edibility of qualified personnel." - Roughly the provision. Kumice that the plot make know the mushrooms up to four or five kinds of mushrooms, but you know really well.
Never at Dolac never seen a poisonous mushroom, it is almost impossible. But I saw the old and rotting fungi from which man can indeed poisoned. Mushroom poisoning elderly are far more common than the poisonous mushroom poisoning. Now what? Of course, it is easier to ban the sale of mushrooms, but to educate inspectors. A rotten mushroom everyone can recognize. The truth is that people cross over the mushrooms are some things you would immediately recognize the meat, but then let the inspectors do let alone a granny who turned to dealers. Who knows what it is only in Latvia, where the coin from a stands proudly lata - Porcini?

Agaricus augustus-boletus (mushroom large) high and 25 st. White or light pink with dark brown scales on the hat and a white handle. Handle massive (height 10 to 20 century, thickness of 2 to 4.5 st). The ballots are grayish pink until they become dark-red.There is a possibility of replacement and is especially treated area (see Replacing of mushroom). It is the preparation and Agaricus campester.

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