LANGERMANIA gigantea - Giant puffball

Fertile Body: spherical shape measuring 20-50 cm and weighing up to 15 kg. Gleba white, wrapped in white smooth egzoperidijem (outer layer). Sterile part is negligible, is at the basis for it are bound micellar threads.

Meat: Gleba white in youth. As you get older, we get yellow and green tones, and when the spores become quite mature, it becomes a spongy tissue that keeps billions of spores.
Powder dispute: the mass of brown spores.

Habitat: grows in meadows, pastures, forest clearings, near the barn, always in places where there are a lot of raw humus and moisture. They can often be found in linden and acacia forests bright. It is more frequent in the lowland zone.

Usability: edible while young, with excellent quality. Spores are healing.

Replacing: no other forms of this fungus is not its size.

Note: giant puffball has a very high quality protein, which is further recommended as a kind of consumption. It can be eaten raw, cut into small cubes and salted. The taste is most similar to radishes. Cut into slabs about 1.5 cm thick, can be pohovati and most resembles a fried brain.

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