Chanterelles - the most popular Nose
Most popular among the fungi mushroom after mushroom, chanterelle certainly, that carries the Latin name Cantharellus cibarius, which means "good for food".
In addition to being a real delicacy, chanterelle has medicinal properties. It contains eight essential amino acids and vitamin A, increases resistance to infections and respiratory tract, strengthens the immune system
Chanterelle is popularly also known as jaundice, žujkica, chanterelles, fox and Apricot brandy, and only grows in conifer and deciduous (beech) forests, from spring to late winter.
Mushrooms are among the best because it contains natural antibiotics, eight essential amino acids, enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides, proteins, provitamin A, vitamin B complex.
Since minerals are represented by sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. Low in calories and more than 90 percent of its composition is water. In addition, the chanterelle has antibacterial and antiviral properties, cleans the body, boosts immunity, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and calms the nervous system.
Fungi with the scent of apricotMost collectors of confidentiality as the places where these mushrooms are harvested, as those from year to year growth in the same places in large quantities. It is important however, to be sure to find the right chanterelle. Her hat diameter of two to twelve inches.
At first plane, with the broken edge, later to become the undulating groove in the middle. Color knows that varies from very light to dark yellow, pale with age. There are even copies of almost orange. The stem is long from three to eight inches, is very strong and tapering towards the base.
Yellow leaves are dull, narrow, irregular and descend down the stem.Yellowish flesh has a delightful, light scent of apricots, which she is another important identification feature.
A valuable addition to all mealsFresh or dried chanterelles in our country can purchase in shops and markets. For the chanterelles can recommend all types of storage. Of special interest is to keep the liquor for a spicy aromatic taste, but is just as good if kept in olive oil or vinegar, or dried.
It is important to clean the chanterelles in a good harvest. Only what you need to pay attention is to put them in a bowl or paper bag, and plastic containers should be avoided. Aromatic and delicious, prepared by itself or as part of mixed dishes, the chanterelle mushrooms to many popular species.
The most beneficial ingredients keeps you fresh and is prepared as a salad, but you can still burn, and marinate pohovati. They have excellent taste and are very useful, either to save themselves or in mixed dishes with meat or mushrooms, or fish. Also, give a beautiful color of sauces and dishes contribute to the overall appearance.
It's hard to digestThe advantage is that chanterelles low in calories, or more precisely 12 kilocalories per 100 grams. These yellow wood berries contain potassium, which is important for digestion, heart, muscles and nerves, as well as calcium which is needed bones. In addition, chanterelle and contains magnesium, important for heart and circulatory system, phosphorus, brain, and vitamin D, also for the bones.
It is known that the organism produces vitamin D when skin is exposed to sunlight. However, nutritionists advise eating no more than two meals a week with chanterelles, because this type of mushrooms difficult to digest.
It must be well chewed, otherwise the whole piece passes through the stomach and intestines, and at worst it is deposited in the colon in one place.
When purchasing chanterelles, careful not to be dry and loose and do not have brown spots.This fungus is on the menus of exclusive restaurants worldwide and can be purchased in stores in fresh or dry state.In the traditional medicine of Japan and China used to treat night blindness, inflammation of the eyes (ophthalmia) and dry skin.

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