Amanita Caesarea

Amanita Caesarea is edible fungi, one of the most delicious, growing in deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests, during the summer and warm autumn days. Pupavki belongs to the family. It is known under the name Blagva, princess, prince, rudnjača, kajsijača.

     Pot diameter of 8-20 cm, convex spherical, hemispherical, later, flatter, smooth, linear incised edge, narandžastocrvene color.
     Ballots yellow, thick, wide.
     Handle white, with green zigzag patterns, ugornjem part white sleeve, thickened rhizome at the bottom, wrapped in white jackets.
     White meat under skin yellow hat, comfortable and seamless smell .. the yellowish color.

     Blagva egg is smooth, not rough-blotchy like Muharem. The intersection is spilled or yellow spots, not white and only one red line under the parietal part at Muhar, or green as in green pupavke. It is safest not to eat mushrooms picked in the egg stage, and in general poorly developed specimens.

From 7 to 17cm, very hemispherical, smooth, spherical bulging, sometimes later lelujevih edges, rarely concave Plate. The dotted or notched edges. The skin is smooth, shiny, slightly sticky when fresh, easy to odguliti. Reddish, narandžastocrvena, lighter or darker blood-red, rarely completely yellow (lemon) and even more rarely brown-red, the sun can be very fade. Through it may remain opnaste and thick belts or cloth, and under them is always red.

     In his youth, bright yellow, bright golden-yellow later, a thick, thickens and wide from 10 to 18mm; free.

     8-18/1.5-3.5cm, with a wide yellow, dotted or longitudinally wrinkled cuffs, and I was yellow all the way to the bottom of the envelope. Sheath smooth, thick, white, in the adult mushroom from above adheres to a bunch, only occasionally, mostly just one end connected to arm Klobuk. With a thicker crust and core that srčikastim elderly often tubular drill.

     At the core of white, the surface of all the yellower, juicy and remarkably hard, thick, pleasant taste (as the green walnuts, but without their bitterness); raw, no smell, develops in steam cooking intoxicating aroma and juice colored in yellow.

     Only with oak and chestnut, with a lot of them away in the field. Likes sunny, warm, even in dry places.

     From August to November.


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