Magic mushrooms (careful)

The best known are in Mexico and Guatemala, and in almost all the peoples of India, Europe, Siberia, Egypt and South America! Of all the famous Mushroom,, Muhara "-Amanita muscaria, (where it says it is, the tree of life" from the Bible) and is now a very popular mushroom Psilocybe cubensis Stropharia cubensis or.

This mushroom grows in the famous baljegama from cows, so that all those who want to try,, magic mushrooms ", especially in Montenegro and Serbia, a walk through the pastures, and stared a little better, cow's pancakes", or on a pile of children are collects trash for 'dressing''fields, can always,, reaped "a solid dose of fresh,, Psilocybe!" But as we warned at the beginning of this site, and several times below, never picking mushrooms themselves, because they are very similar poisonous mushrooms, and any small mistake can cost your life!

From the poisonous Mushroom died three days, vomiting blood, falling in the nonstop delirium, bother the greatest pains and die for their stupidity!

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Magic mushrooms or mushroom (carefully)
The best known are in Mexico and Guatemala, and in almost all the peoples of India, Europe, Siberia, Egypt and South America! Of all the famous Mushroom,, Muhara "-Amanita muscaria, (where it says it is, the tree of life" from the Bible) and is now a very popular mushroom Psilocybe cubensis Stropharia cubensis or.
This mushroom grows in the famous baljegama from cows, so that all those who want to try,, magic mushrooms ", especially in Montenegro and Serbia, a walk through the pastures, and stared a little better, cow's pancakes", or on a pile of children are collects trash for 'dressing''fields, can always,, reaped "a solid dose of fresh,, Psilocybe!" But as we warned at the beginning of this site, and several times below, never picking mushrooms themselves, because they are very similar poisonous mushrooms, and any small mistake can cost your life!
From the poisonous Mushroom died three days, vomiting blood, falling in the nonstop delirium, bother the greatest pains and die for their stupidity!

So go with an experienced biologist specializing in,, mikologiju''-science of mushrooms, mushrooms beretie! The most clever thing is to buy mushrooms in stores that specialize in,, magic mushrooms''and you have them in the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Canada!
Mushrooms are usually purchased dried, a majority of three grams, a dose that is sufficient for two people! Some mycologists think that in India cows,''the world precisely because of its growing baljegama this kind of magic mushrooms! Mushrooms always eaten on an empty stomach! You see, dear countrymen, we should not dream of Mexico and the Netherlands, before your nose in the cow baljegama "have a whole world of magic!
In South America, magic mushrooms have been known for thousands of years, such as contact with other magical world, and also in Europe (especially in Serbia-Vinca, Lepenski vir-Montenegro and the region of the Vasojevici Morace,) our ancestors had a great experience with magic mushrooms but unfortunately, religion, the Inquisition and the crazy politicians, especially the communists, destroyed almost all the information about it.
In Montenegro, with only hazy memories to 'witches' and zduvace "! There have been recent cases, the, magic, "when a hunter Komovi zanocijo the fire in the forest. It is likely that the mushrooms tasted, (or eaten with bread ovsjeni,, weeds'') and a potrefijo,, hallucinogenic," all night up in the morning he experienced the strangest visions attributed,, demons and aliens "!
Montenegrin regions are very rich with all kinds of magical herbs, mushrooms and herbs! Otherwise Vasojevici tribe has always believed in, witches, and vampijere zduvace! "(Unfortunately, the same heroic tribe, now believed fanatically in the most dangerous vampijera Dedinje, commie Milosevic, who was the first time in history of Serbian nation, osramotijo, ponizijo, led to prosjackog blend of ten million Serbs, and fortunately now,, malice''in jail in The Hague)!
Yet, the magic "and the secrets of alchemy, there are still schools in Montenegro! We are living witnesses of this almost forgotten age-old tradition of new thinking and healthy natural experiments! Psychedelic These funds are divided into several factors:-hallucinogenic, umnoprosirujuca, psychedelic, psycho, enteogena , and so on. The term,, enteogen "means: God-awakened in him! Every human being has a divine element in himself.
Religions have long tried (and failed) to ban individual spiritual contact with his human soul, forced the priests, mullahs, bishops, popes, politicians and the Ayatollah, that they sell for good money,, a place in heaven! "Natural religion banned, that did not have the bloody religious dogma, but only the contact with nature, the cosmos, harmony with his soul and all the natural elements around them.
We may be the easiest to use when writing expressions, hallucinogen "and 'psychedelic', but in fact we think the right expression, enteogen!" The second term is, psihonaut ", meaning-the one who travels in his soul, he carefully through the deepest thoughts experimenata meets our souls! DMT molecule spiritual! DMT stands for chemical,, nn-dimethyltryptamine, "which contain more living organisms. DMT was first synthesized in 1931. Manske of chemists from the two plants:,, Mimosa hostilis''and,''Piptadenia peregrina.
DMT is that in plants, also in mushrooms and frogs. According to new research by scientists-American psychiatrist Rick Strassman, DMT this molecule is the key that opens the door to extraordinary experiences, leaving the body and UFO abductions, etc.! On the end of 1998. conduct tests on the psychedelic effects of DMT.
Of course, he met with great difficulties, because the most important substance just standing on the list of prohibited substances in the USA! Every person has the DMT in the body, as in many plants, and is very hallucinogenic DMT tool! It is the only substance that is prohibited by law and every human being is there.
So we are all in a collision with the law! I believe when religion and politicians can and a little happy-substance DMT, squeezed out to us!
Strassman has manage to overcome all the legal and police barriers, and professionally manage to finish testing with DMT. Interest in this molecule, began a decade ago by the famous American writer and scientist Terence McKenna, who studied reactions, the most famous ayahuasca''-South American hallucinogenic drink. This drink is made from two types of plants, the first of the vines,, Banisteriopsis Cappi, "which includes 5-NEO-DMT, and other plants, Psychotria viridis", which sadrazam,, harmala alkaloiden ".
This magical drink can not be true of only one plant, it must always be noted on both, because chemical reactions are a combination of DMT and harmalom. As the Indians learned that they should be combined, has so far remained a secret! Ayahuasca is known in South America thousands of years. It is used for several purposes, as a means of spiritual-psychic telepathy, medicine, for astral travel, and mental relaxation.
And what is most interesting and most bewildering, McKenna argues (as we are,''yugo-psihonauti, we tried a few times this drink), that leads ayahusca soul in a kind of laboratory, where we some strange unknown beings with information and knowledge about life issues! A similar opinion has the anthropologist Jeremy Narby shvajcarski, who thinks that she,''intelligent beings that appear in,, tripa'', these are creatures of our molecules! In fact our unknown world of micro-world!
He believes that our DNA intelligent, and just taking ayahuasca and DMT activation, we can get in contact with the micro world! Narby is experimentisao in the laboratory with several colleagues, McKenna directly into the Amazon jungle with an Indian,, shamans''and obadvojici had the same vision, as well as Indian Samani!
Strassman came to the conclusion at the end of the research, the DMT opens the door to other worlds and unknown tajenstvenim and dimensions. DMT is located in the brain, the gland between the two halves of the brain, so called. ,,''Blood barriers, and serves to filter blood before it is placed inside the brain, and through that prces secretion of fluid from the glands, is created, the, spiritual''molecule, which is known in many cultures, as,, third eye''or,''the throne of souls!
This gland develops in the tissues of futusa for seven weeks or 49 days, and it is time for the reincarnation of the Buddhist teachings, in their book covers,, The Tibetan Book of the Dead''in egiptaskoj,, Book of the Dead''. In experiments with DMT, most participants experienced a realistic, clinical death-exit''from the body and encounters with 'UFO and abduction''!
This feeling is so real, real .... That we can safely say that most of those who claim to be, were abducted by UFO'', they should be trusted, because the reaction of DMT beliefs contribute to the brain! This reaction in the brain, not a fantasy, a dream, but was going really, really, so it is impossible to explain to those who have not experienced! One reality, where the visual image, sometimes the music and voices, and intelligent being who speaks to us, and timeless as the situation is the real everyday life!
Strassman's research about him came to the door, new spiritual dimension'', and the mystery, .. that DMT has not only humans but also plants and animals! And left us a huge task to ask ,.... where we are, who we are, what is the purpose of our life and death, and hope that the study of spiritual direction continues to develop more, and hope to be happier!
Regarding this matter, read a book by author Rick Strassman, DMT: The Spirit Molecule. (Publisher: Park Street Press, 2001). And the publication of Jeremy Narby, The Cosmic Serpent. ALL major works (in Serbian, engelsk, Dutch and German) and journals on all,, drugs''? Since we are not able to name names, mushrooms, plants and cacti in the Serbian language, can be stated only the Latin names.
All those who want to learn about the primary literature or to try mushrooms, plants and cacti, here are some names of books that are available at all bookstores, you can also print bookstore or via the Internet, because almost all the important literature comes from the USA and Germany! In Serbian language you have short book on mushrooms (issued in Belgrade, 1992.) Maca from Ricardo,, How to distinguish edible mushrooms-mushrooms and their poisonous counterparts! "Solid and very informative book with clear color photographs, which contains four photographs, psychedelic Mushroom ":,, Viticarka-(Stropharia melasperma),, Pink slemovka-(Mycena pura),, Muhara-(Amanita muscaria),, Sumporaca-(Hypholoma fascicularte), and a very popular edible, (which is flat for the pill potency, Viagra "), Black or White truffle crop-(Tuber magnatum)!
It has been proven medically that this affects the potency of mushroom! The real salvation for those who have no possibility to buy Viagra, and does not hurt the heart or other organs? Montenegro's yearbook, Mycologia Montenegrina''also contains a lot of basic information about the whole development of the Mycological Society in the former Naija. Recently we have been able to obtain a Slovenian antique shop in Radovljica: ( a book of famous American (of Croatian origin) Andrija Puharich scientists book, The Holy Mushroom''the hrvacka-Serbian language! In this book Puharich describes his research muhar mushrooms (Amanita muscaria, eng. Fly agaric). Puharich was studying history of use in various civilizations muhar, but he himself participated in the experiments with psychoactive Muharem.
True, reading this book, we believe that there are many shortcomings in terms of clearer information about the experiments and general knowledge of the hallucinogenic Mushroom! It is possible that because the book was written in 1959. that in those days there was not much clearer information on the subject, and that Puharich tried very weak, Muharem'', in small quantities, (and as I said) because we have tried a few times,, Muharem''( six pieces at once), and the trip was very solid!
This book can be obtain in Belgrade, in: antique-TINE bookstore is located in the street. Nikola Spasic 3, lok.1 (tel. 011 620 024, working hours: from 11.00 to 19.00 hours). Also the same book can be obtained in the English language. (See the English literature.) Simplest books about all kinds of mushrooms (books) in Dutch with color photographs and clear text are "Paddestoelen Encyclopedia" by Gerrit J.- Keizer, which contains over 700 color photographs and as many as 19 photos of hallucinogenic mushrooms in Europe.
This very important book you can buy in most stores and bookshops, priced at less than 15 guilders. The second book is, of Godenspijs duivelsbrood-Op het spoor van de vligenzwam "tone of the writer Lemar. This book is specialized in hallucinogenic mushrooms, especially,, Amanita muscaria," (in Serbian language "Muhara", they usually have all known from fairy tales with dwarves). It is also very important books, yugo-Dutch "by Gerben-Hans Plomp & Helling-" Wit is the pain "-herziene geheel of 239 pages, is short and clear history of the most important hallucinogenic plants, grass, hashish and marijuana, all chemical (synthetic) drugs and of course the Mushroom!
Every fan of hallucinogenic funds, parent, family doctor, judge, policeman, school teacher, scientist, psychologist and psychiatrist, priest, priest and hodza, should have this book! The second is also an important book in Dutch is a group of writers: Bogers, Hans, S. Snelders H.Plomp-en "De psychedelische Revolutie, Geschiedenis van, en recente ontwikkelingen in het onderzoek naar veranderde bewustzijnsstaten", published by Amsterdam, Bres 1994th
Currently on sale is a very informative and concise book "Paddi's, onze kleine broeders" which costs only 7 guilders. You can get it or order at all bookstores. December 2001. German has been translated from German to Dutch very popular book,, Psychoaktieve planten, dieren en paddestoelen''by Andreas Alberts and Peter Mullen, that is, the pearl of the book''a short and clear information about the 115 psychoactive plants, cactus and animals ! The book has 270 pages and 115 clear color pictures!
The price is about 50 Hfl. ! From the Dutch language papers on mushrooms, and all types of hallucinogenic plants, grass, cactus and chemical substances, have a quarterly magazine, "has been active Pschycho PAN.-Netwerk, Postbus 3296 1001 BV Amsterdam, (tel :020-6278510). E-mail : But the magazine stopped coming, but you can order ten but turnout numbers, which contain lots of interesting things! The second most important newspaper,, Highlife "(in Dutch or English) specializing in marijuana and hasis, and also regularly write about hallucinogenic mushrooms, plants, and the latest editions of books on this issue and other juristic and social problems related to various drugs!
In this leaflet, really, you can find all information for home cultivation of marijuana, the addresses of all smartshops, Coffeeshops and Cannabis hotels in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. This list is published bimonthly in luxury equipment. The cost is only 5 Hfl. Can be ordered directly at: Highlife, PO Box 362, 5460 AJ Veghel, Nederland, and the phone: 0161-459589, or e-mail: or directly see on the Internet at: highlife@betapress.audax. nl
Immediately went out the latest complete book "Alles over Paddi's" of Arno Adelars, Publisher: Prometheus, Amsterdam. Price: Hfl 28. This is a true "specialty" for those who need to know basic information about the history, use, growing (at home), and experimenting with magic mushrooms.
In terms of the law in relation to all drugs in Holadiji you have two good books: DRUGS-de wet en de politie Breukers of Jos, and books with good information on the use of all,, drugs'': Plant-aardig DRUGS, Planten brengen mensen in een roes from Caspers Thijs! In German you have more books, let's start from simple as the DR. Mirko Svrcek a book "Der Grosse Pilzfuhrer" with (451) color photographs of all the Central European mushrooms, edible, poisonous, deadly, and a few psychedelic!
From journal (bilingual newspaper in German and English) have a "INTEGRATION-Zeitschrift fur Kultur und geistbewegende Planzen." This is a very special list with 80 pages, with professional and very clear texts, written and analyzed by the best experts the world! All those who want to know more about the magical world of hallucinogenic funds, need to buy or to subscribe to the newspaper, to: Herman de Vries, Eschenau 29, 97478 Knetzgau, Deutschland (Tel: 0049-9527404), otherwise, Mr. de Vries origin is Dutch.)
Unfortunately, the magazine stopped coming, but you can order the past six numbers that contain valuable information,, mind-broadening''means! Add From Currently we are seven new books in German, which makes specialty for everybody,''psihonauta, and especially emphasize that the book: Psychoaktive Pflanzen, Pilze und Tiere, the authors Andreas Alberts and Peter Mullen, the pearl of the book'' issue of psychoactive funds.
The book has 270 pages and 115 pages of clear color images, all shto is,''psychoactive, so this really grand book, was a pleasant surprise even for us experienced,, psihonaute''!
With pleasure, we recommend you this grandiose book! The following listed books in German, are also very important for those who study magic world! ,, Drogen und Sucht-Lexikon''out of Dr.Bernhard Treecko,, Lexikon der Substanzen psychoaktiven''by Richard Rudgley,, Psychedelischer neo-shamanismus''by Jim De Korn, Psychoaktive Pflanzen''of Dr.Jorg Conradi ,, Johaneskraut, Kava-Kava & Co.''by Samuel Gerti.
From my heart I prefer the latest book-encyclopedia in German: Enciklopadie psychoaktiven der Pflanzen, Botanik, Ethnopharmakologie und Anwendungen. By Christian Ratsch, (cost-197, 99 DM), a grandiose book with 941 pages (with color images of all,, a drug''that humanity knows), which contains vast information of all that is psihaktivno on earth, it the law,''the bible for all scientists, amateurs and all those who want to learn more about the greatest mysteries of nature!
The German site in section, Bucher '(books) you have a set of well-known book, with illustrations of all,, drugs'',''hallucinogenic PLANTS Richard Evans Schultes of the 150 page, which you can freely download from the site! In English, you have most of the literature on all drugs especially the mushrooms and herbs.
The most important scientist of the mushrooms was a bank-director R. Mr. Wasson and his Russian wife V.P. Valentina Wasson. Unfortunately, their science books are printed in very small numbers, and are now rarely found, ev.kod "antique" or in private collections and the cost per book ranges up to 5,000 $!
The most important book of his is "Soma. Divine Mushroom of Immortality" Publisher: New York: Brace Jovanovich, and "Mushrooms, Russia and History" - (two parts), publisher: 1957, New York, Pantheon. Wasson is the first, white man''who attended the ritual and magical Mushroom obelodanijo use around the world! In fact, his article,, Seeking the magic mushrooms''od 16 pages in the American magazine, LIFE'', from 13 May 1957, caused a sensation, because since then it has created interest in magic mushrooms! He was the first white man, who was cast to the Mexican Indian village near,, curandere''(back) Mary, Sabine, try magic mushrooms!
This groundbreaking article, with photos II drawing magical mushrooms in color, you can still be found on the Internet at: the occasion of this article above, and because Wassonovih enormous credit for the study of mushrooms, a group of famous scientists as A. Hofmann, T. Mc Kenna, and many more other scientists, wrote a scholarly biography of Wasson entitled, The Sacred Mushroom Seeker''-Tributes to R. Gordon Wasson! The book is very interesting with lots of pictures and scientific works, costs about $ 50 U.S..
Next a very interesting book about the investigation of which was made,, soma''the book:,, Soma: The Divine Hallucinogen, David L. & David spesso spesso. Costa Hfl 80. Each "psihonaut" should have been the best book "Plants of the Gods" (also in Dutch), the famous scientist Albert Hofmann (LSD creator) and Richard Evans Schultes. In this masterpiece of (in color) described 91 species of hallucinogenic plants, cacti and mushrooms, and 14 species particularly in the details!
Most extensive and the most processed-book (encyclopedia) with the title "PHARMACOTHEON" by Jonathan Ott-scientists, which can be ordered from any bookstore or on the Amsterdam address: The Head Shop, Kloveniersburgwal 39, Amsterdam, (Tel :020-6249061), this book is so far the most extensive scientific work on all types of hallucinogenic plants, herbs, mushrooms, cacti and chemical drugs. The real specialty! Soon comes the second part, Pharmacotheon "!
Among the other most important scientists: T. Mc Kenna-"Food of the Gods: The Search for lthe Original Tree of Knowledge, a radical history of plants, drugs, and human evolution"-published by: 1992, New York, Bantam. In this book the grandiose and photos are crystal oldest mushrooms you are dug in Serbia-Vinci! According to Mc Kenna, a man and psihodjelicne mushrooms are far more than the evolution related to each other.
He suggests that the rapid development of Man brain developed thanks to the first, the great "eating mushrooms psihodjelicne! This important book was finally translated into Dutch, entitled,, Voedsel der Goden" uitgave: Etheon ISBN, price: Fl. 45th
By the same author should read and, Tru halucinations'', in which he describes the search for psychoactive plants in the Amazon Indians in the jungle! Price: 60Hfl. Currently, a unique book also went out with several hundred color photographs, "Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World" by the famous American scientist Paul Stamets! Even in this book is truly scientific and Serbian (very strong) magic mushrooms "Psilocybe serbica"!
Very interesting book with lots of extreme theories and hypotheses is JMAllegro-"The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross", Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, London. A study Muharem mushrooms, we recommend you also book from Puharich, Andrija. THE SACRED MUSHROOM. KEY TO THE DOOR OF ETERNITY. New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc.., 1959. (U.S. $ 45)
It should also be noted that famous writers like Aldous Huxley - (,, Iceland "in which he describes the novel use of hallucinogenic mushrooms), and his most famous book, The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell'', which was translated into Serbian language by publisher ,, Esotheria''in Belgrade,-Doors of Perception-Heaven and Hell ",, in this very interesting book, Huxley describes the use of cactus Peyotl! Also the writer A. Ginsberg-"The Yage Letters," which describes the use of cactus "Peyotl" - (Latin name-Lophophora williamsii).
This cactus (dried to pieces) may also be purchased in the Netherlands, called "Peyote". Also sold as the young, and must be cultivated for at least five years to be ready for consumption. Also you can buy a cactus "San Pedro"-Latin-"Trichocereus pachanoi". A few very important book complete-encyclopedia should have any,, psihonaut ", which are:,, Pihkal - a chemical love story ', and' Tihkal - the continuation" of the famous American scientific para Alexander and Ann Shulgin!
They are the two magnificent books describe professional personal experiments with all kinds of natural and synthetic drugs! From the famous writer and archaeologist Paul Devereux -,, The Long Trip, a prehistory of psychedelica ", a comprehensive book, clearly written with a great source of information about the occurrence of psychedelics. Currently has been published the latest book-encyclopedia of etnobiologa and anthropologist Richard Rudgley- ,, The Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Substances, "which contains all the tests and the history of hallucinogenic funds.
In terms of powder,,''zombies and psycho fish, frogs and other things, be sure to read the book, The Serpent and the Rainbow''from Wade Davis scientists. Price: U.S. $ 30. Book by Peter Stafford, Psychodelics Encyclopedia''also is important for everyone, psihonaute "! Price: Hfl 80. The book, The magical rituals and use of HERBS 'by Richard Alan Miller, describes succinctly, the most important hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms!
So to all those who intend to try some kind of natural magic, drugs, "you should first read at least one of these napomenutih books because of the use of these funds is for entertainment and leisure, the oldest science and religion, "in the world!

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