Hamsters (Gyromytra) Height 3 to 8 cm. A hat and a winding corrugated waxed, very fragile and brittle, brown in color. Along the ribbed handle and šupljikava.Nalaze in the spring at the edges of forests and pro-planaka, lower hills to about 1,300 t nmv.Ima are many different varieties and all are conditionally edible. Dried are non-toxic, and most enjoys fresh without consequences, while for individuals deadly. The possibility of poisoning is 1: 10,000. But so far blamed for hundreds of deaths.
AUTUMN HRČAK (Nellvella crispa) krpasto hat is curled, wide 2 to 3 paragraphs, reminiscent of the saddle or trorogi hat, brown or dark colors on a white handle, along the rib izbrazdanoj.Nalaze in autumn or in rare deciduous conifer forests, some 300 to over 1,000 t nmv.Svi are edible.

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