poisonous mushrooms

The fertile body: a form of highly branched corals and of 6-12 cm. From white, smallish "stump" forking branches are numerous pink, ending with two yellow teeth in which spores are formed.

Meat: White, pink oboe at the intersection of color, no smell. The taste is bitter.

Fingerprint slow: slow to ocher-cream mass.

Habitat: occurs during summer and autumn in the deciduous, usually beech forests.

Usability: poisonous. It causes gastrointestinal problems, long-lasting diarrhea.

Replacing: similar to her Ramaria ignicolor, which grows in evergreen forests, with the same arrangement of colors on a fertile body and also poisonous.

Note: this beautiful koralke have a real experience for the eyes. Through the forest should not only run for a good edible mushroom, destroying everything in sight. This race is slightly more toxic and inedible species, rather than for consumption, but their beauty is not dangerous. Human greed is dangerou.

smelly mushroom

(Atapita virosa) (thunder)

High 9 to 16 st. Pot 5 to 8 st, conical, white, younger goes almost to a point. Lamellae are "Brasnjo" the edge. Handle debt. No odor or smells like withered rose.

Is difficult.

GREEN PUPAVKA (Atapita phalloides) (green Muharem). Height 5 to 7 st. Pot 4 to 15 st. Besides green, it can be white, brown, lemon yellow, yellow green, cream and so on. form. There is always a small dark fibers, such vessels, the foreskin ingrown hat. Spread radially (from center to edge). The flesh is white, soft, juicy, fast breaks and then the smell of urine. The meat of young mushrooms is odorless. Older smell of biscuits, honey, spring flowers or fruit (sweet to me-ris, not unpleasant). Handle thickness of 0.7 to 2.5 st, the top may be mottled greenish spots in the zig-zag shape (not always easy to spot), the upper third of the hanging ring, more skirts, pleated and žlebasta ("pleated"). Note the large bag at the bottom of the handle.
It is widespread in nas.Jako is poisonous.
The effect of toxins begins after the arrival of the poison in the blood (the period from 7 to 28 hours)

PANTEROVKA (Amanita pantherina) (mušnica ounce, panterovka)
Height 5 to 12 Celsius. Se-width to 10 st, convex, and concave Plate. There are different shades: olive, brown, yellow, gray, reddish or whitish color. The dotted edges are notched or deeper, sticky skin during wet and in dry weather shines. The meat is juicy, white (fast ugnjili), with a light scent of radishes, beets and horseradish. Volvo (residues bags). In the form of smaller white flakes, which are easily erased by rain or by hand (so that there are naked).

Dangerous poisoning, which often (20%) end in death. Signs of poisoning: extreme agitation that eventually goes into a coma, with severe pain in the stomach

 Muharem (Amanita musccaria) (fly, staklenjača, snake heads, besnjača, Omark)

No description neopxodan after all, as children, in fairy tales and cartoons met this red beauty.

Not the most toxic (it is far from innocent example. Panterovke). When poisoning occurs in the nervous system disorder, similar to drunkenness. Leads to increased secretion pl "Uvac, sweating, abdominal pain, followed by diarrhea.

BLJUVARA (Russula etepsa) (bljuvna Dove)

Visiia 6 to 10 st. Pot 5 to 10 century, flat, red, pink or red-brown no. a street površnna not the same color (bleached). The surface is moist and sticky, easy to peel. Meat is a bitter taste.

It is quite common fungus in our country. Grows in forests and forest roads in small groups, summer and autumn.

Easy is poisonous, causing gastrointestinal disorders with vomiting.

crazy mushroom (Boletus satanas) (pig, Satan, devil mushrooms) Height 10 to 25 Celsius. Pot 5 to 30 paragraphs, thick, hard, close to the handle first, later opened the winding rim. Recognizes the following:
- Top hat is gray površit whitish,
- The underside of the hat is red,
  -drškaje stocky, up yellow and red in the lower part (the surest sign of recognition) and pink mesh pattern (not always visible),
  -flesh is whitish, and slowly becomes the turn from reddish to blue closed (not always!)
  -pleasant smell, and taste reminiscent of sweet - walnuts.
It is always present at the same time several features for recognition.
'Rising flying in deciduous forests and forest clearings.

Leady (Entoloma sinuatum) (high rudoliska) Height 6 to 12 Celsius. Pot 7 to 15 (20) st, grayish brown, blue gray yellow iliprljavo, mostly smooth (sometimes ingrown narrow flakes on the surface). The ballots were initially whitish yellow, dark yellow or later, flesh-colored, irregularly toothed. The flesh is white, tough, strong odor of fresh flour, with an unpleasant hint of the radish.
Growing group flying by the end of autumn in Oc-influenced forests (oak, beech), the edges of forests and parks.
Toxic, in most cases fatal.
It is possible to replace the wood anemone (Agaricus silvaticus) and common mushroom (Agaricus campester)

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